Blog Feedback


During the final two weeks of assessment three I received feedback on the progress of my blog from Kim Hezemans and Hannah Serra. Their marked rubrics are below.

Blog Feedback from Kim Hezemans

Blog Feedback from Hannah Serra

Kim noted that adding more unit content would enhance my overall result. I do agree with this as my blogs were centered more on the technology used in the weekly tasks rather than learning theory and content. Since Kim’s feedback I have added a couple more references to the learning content which I think gives the posts a slightly more educated stance.

At the time that Kim marked my blog I had added very little multimedia. Since then I have added graphics and a video to my blog which assists with the visual appeal and will help draw in the reader.

Hannah made similar comments in that I needed to add more pictures and links to further information, and extended this by noting it would be great to see some original graphics. After hearing this I ensured I had a few original graphics throughout the blog, and many hyperlinks to further information.

Overall the feedback was along the lines of what I was expecting. My blog was visually quite basic, and after viewing online tutorials on WordPress, I was able to create a more informative and visually pleasing blog.


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