Week 8 – Voki


This week I tried my hand at Voki. Voki is an online resource that allows the user to make customised speaking characters. Never before had I heard of Voki, and after watching a fellow student’s presentation I thought it would be an interesting tool to learn.

Voki 3

After doing some research on my chosen organisation Global Poverty Project, I opted to type my text and have the program speak for me. This option was relatively easy, although the voices did tend to sound a little robotic. I found the program extremely user friendly. One restriction with the free sign up was that only a limited amount of text was allowable, therefore I had to cull a good portion of my text. This isn’t necessarily such a bad thing, as student’s reviewing and conciseness skills can be honed. Again because the program was surprisingly easy to use, this continues to increase my confidence with trying out new technologies.

Click here to view my Voki presentation on the Global Poverty Project.

I can envisage Voki being effective for Languages other than English (LOTE) students, as the user can type their chosen text in English, and then select the speech to be translated into one of many other languages. As the program is quite simple to use, it would be a rather quick and engaging tool for students to utilise to present their work.


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