Week 5 – Pinterest


Week 5 saw us create Pinterest boards on the topic of the different digital information types we encounter. Again, I had never used Pinterest prior to this week so it was another learning curve for me. I experienced many difficulties with this Pinterest task. From sites not having images to pin, to error messages when trying to pin. I eventually added the Pin It button to my browser which made it somewhat easier to pin, however it then promptly disappeared! By actually using Pinterest on a regular basis and with more trial and error, I believe I will become more digitally fluent in this area. On the upside, many of the Pinterest sites other students posted looked fantastic. There were great links to digital information sites and to teaching with technology sites.

Click here to view my Pinterest Digital Information board.

Reflecting on this task I believe the best way to use Pinterest is to create a board, and then add to it over time with quality pins that are well tied to your topic.

Pinterest can be used in a myriad of ways in the classroom. Teachers can search for lesson plan ideas and templates, pin inspirational quotes for their students, and provide suggested reading materials. Students are able to pin works that inspire them – for example a mood board, and also showcase their own projects (“The teachers guide to Pinterest”, 2012).

Here is an example of a useful and well planned Pinterest board, centered around Pinterest in education.


The teachers guide to Pinterest. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.edudemic.com/guides/the-teachers-guide-to-pinterest/


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