Week 4 – Infographics


An infographic was created in week 4 about the digital divide. I had never heard of the term infographic prior to this, and when I looked up some examples online I was excited to create one of my own. To get an overall idea of infographics I viewed a tutorial which recommended online graphic tool Canva. Research needed to be completed prior to creating the infographic, and the data had to be reliable.

Upon completion of my infographic and comparison to other infographics posted on the discussion board, I found that my infographic was too long and thin in size which I believe made it more difficult to read. Many students used Pictochart which I thought used very effective methods of presenting information. I would definitely like to try out Pictochart next time.

My infographic – The Great Digital Divide

Digital Divide

Infographics are an effective way to visually present information to students, as they are able to take in a great deal of information about a subject at a glance. I found that by creating the infographic I was able to retain the data better than if I were just reading it in a textbook by using my cognitive skills to analyse and interpret. Therefore students would benefit in the same way by creating an infographic themselves.

When creating future infographics, I will be following this handy guide of 5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Infographic.


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