Week 3 – Cyber Safety



Week 3 was centered around the dangers of the digital world – including identity theft, scammers and cyber bullying. I chose to focus on social media security as I had come across an article in the Daily Life, Role-playing with stolen baby photographs, that really alarmed me. This is where random baby photos are stolen off social media sites and re-posted to baby role-playing sites. Site members (strangers) then make seemingly innocent comments such as “cute baby” or “baby needs bottle”, however the comments can become sexual and/or violent in nature.

Prior to Week 3, I have to admit I was rather complacent with my security and privacy settings on Facebook. I regularly post pictures of my sons (ages 2 and 3) going about their everyday lives, mainly because I have close relatives that live overseas. I hadn’t given much thought to the possibility of their images being used for untoward purposes, especially given the fact that they were always fully clothed in them.

It is important that both teachers and students regularly check Facebook security and privacy policies as they do change from time to time. Also it is good practice to regularly check these settings and edit if needed due to the changing nature of privacy policies.

I used Padlet to complete this week’s learning activity.

Check out this list of 10 tips to protect your privacy on Facebook.

Upon reading this and other useful articles, I know I will be creating specific friends lists that I share my photos with. However the main take away for me is – if you don’t think it’s suitable for everyone to see, don’t upload it!


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